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Gifs used on social media and in text messaging are housed on an application called Giphy. GoGo Tani is a Certified Giphy Artist with a Giphy channel where personal Gifs are hosted. We're in the business of fun here, y'all. These gifs are free for anyone to enjoy and it's even surprised us a little how popular simple gifs can be.


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Animation is a great way to accelerate brand growth via social media. Create engaging branded stickers for Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat stories, animations for your timeline feed, and fun website gifs. Browse some of our most recent animations for social media brands.


Thanks for visiting! I'm looking forward to meeting new people to follow on social media. I'm also looking for more opportunities to work with brands who give a dang about their social media accounts. Giphy has some great analytic tools and it would be really interesting to see how much more engagement you get with your Branded Stickers. Please reach out and let's work together!

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