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The Single Most Important Thing You Need to Know About Being a Creative

I've been a designer for a minute and while I wouldn't consider myself the greatest designer, I do consider myself like an okay designer. So maybe you'll hear me out as I divulge to you how I do design and animation work without letting the work and my ego get the best of me.

The most important thing you need to know about being creative is that however you're doing it, that's the right way.

Along this journey of my design career, I've learned a lot about myself as a person and I'd like to share a little list of those things that might help you enjoy your work more.

You need this, especially right now.

Share your work

It's so hard for a lot of creatives to share their work and I totally get it but if you can, just put it out there. Not everything is going to go viral and you kind of have to try things to know what's going to work or what people prefer. If you want to grow your following, then try to focus on doing the work that gets you more LIKES and FOLLOWS. I also don't know how much advice you could be giving clients on their own social media if you don't have your own going and working on the kinks of it.

and on that note,

If you have a hard time being consistent, try not to worry about LIKES and FOLLOWS

I've been sharing my work on Instagram since 2016 and I have 1,204 Followers. Honestly, that's not a lot 🤣🤣🤣. The time I experienced getting more followers the quickest was when I was posting every single day. I cannot keep up with that schedule. Kudos to the designers who can but I am not the one. To help me not focus on LIKES I hide my LIKE COUNT on Instagram for static posts and I only focus on the view count on my Reels. I stand by the work I create so if just one person likes it besides me, I consider that a success.

Don't compare yourself to other creatives or other people for that matter

This is a biiiiig one. Really and truly if you're doing your own thing you really shouldn't have someone else to compare yourself to. It's incredibly difficult but take those things you admire about someone else (because that's what it is, it might manifest in you as jealousy but you can try to frame it into admiration) and use those as inspiration for how to move forward, then it might help you take some action and change the things about yourself you want to change. Example: I saw someone use curse words in their post and I want to do that more. So then I just do that more. I also hide LIKE and VIEW Counts on IG (Settings > Privacy > Posts) so I don't even know how your posts are doing because it helps me not compare my own vs. yours.

Ask for help

LOL. I'm the worst at this. I'm a stubborn Taurus who thinks she can figure it all out on her own. I actually can figure out most things on my own but what a waste of time. You can just ask people for help and most of the time they'll help you and sometimes they'll just do it for you. 😉

People are full of shit

I have been duped so many times by people who are full of absolute 💩. I used to be really good at spotting people like this but I felt it was unfair that I was judging people too quickly and I found out I was missing out on good people who just weren't perfect which was kind of silly because I'm not perfect. I don't think that makes me full of shit but sometimes I don't follow through with things when I don't think they're that important or I get busy and forget. What I'm saying is that we're all kind of full of caca. It's just how much shit is actually in someone, how often are they shitting on you, and how much shit can you tolerate?

Check your ego

The Law of Jante is a Skandinavian set of societal rules that help keep the Skandies happy and harmonious with each other. Some I'm not a big fan of and I love breaking rules, but some of these are helpful for checking your ego when you feel boastful or like you're better than other people, which btw–you're not.

  1. Don’t think you are anything special.

  2. Don’t think you are as good as we are.

  3. Don’t think you are smarter than we are.

  4. Don’t convince yourself that you are better than we are.

  5. Don’t think you know more than we do.

  6. Don’t think you are more important than we are.

  7. Don’t think you are good at anything.

  8. Don’t laugh at us.

  9. Don’t think anyone cares about you.

  10. Don’t think you can teach us anything.

This doesn't mean you're not awesome. You're totally awesome, but that doesn't make you better than anyone else.

You're doing fine

Honestly if you're doing something, whether it's every day, once a month, or at random times like me–you're doing just fine. I like to focus on little steps forward every day. Getting started is the battle. For example today I was going to make it easier on myself by just posting a video of a dickbutt and being like, "I got you, suckers!" But in the end, I made a list that means way more to me and might help you. So just don't worry so much.


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