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Animation. Why Tho?

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Why would you even animate anything? You already have perfectly good static images. Reels on Instagram make video easier than ever. One animated video sure isn't going to make or break your social media account. So why would you even go there?

Because Whether You Like it or Not

All social platforms are moving to video

Tani doesn't run the algorithm and it's happening whether you like it or not.

It's happening because video boosts engagement

Ever get caught doom scrolling? That's more likely happening when you're watching videos. If you scroll for too long on TikTok they interrupt your fun with a video telling you you've been scrolling too long. They had to make a video because if it were a static post you would scroll right past it.

I've Got Receipts / the Proof

This is a very nice, static image to share as a social media post.

This is the same, very nice image but animated

  1. If you watched the entire video, you watched 19 seconds of animation. The human brain can process a static image in 13 milliseconds. That's not even one whole second! So just by mathing, video is more engaging than a static post.

  2. You get to tell more of a story in the video. There is literally an onion in assless chaps in the video (oh, now you're going to watch it 🙄)! So much action makes the product way more memorable.

  3. The brand personality and voice permeate the video and say so much more about what to expect from this brand and its products. This brand is super playful and cheeky 😉.

  4. In this instance, the video is so cool and the animator should be given awards and candy 🍬🍬.

Fun Fact

Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in the text.

OMG Don't let your assets die 😭

♻️ Be kind and recycle ♻️

You put all that work into your brand, made all those graphic assets for packaging, for your website, for collateral, some of you even make assets just for social media. Bring it back to life with animation! I developed this method because I would create images for social media and then they would just kind of hang out there and were forgotten. It's just a way to make your assets stretch and do more for you. They deserve a second life.

I made this little Sunday Sun video and a lot of people loved it

So I made it into a transparent gif for Giphy and it's my most viewed gif, it's been viewed 1 Billion times. *It feels good to have a billion of something.

Animated content really is helpful

The best thing that can happen for a brand to grow isn't one video, it's being consistent with new content. While videos are more likely to be shared, they're not the failsafe key to growth–but they are a catalyst. Reels get way more reach (in my case they get 8 times more reach) than static posts and anything sized for Reels can be used as a TikTok video. I see animated videos as a way to break up your content. My favorite brand Olipop does a great job of offering a wide variety of types of content, I look forward to all their posts on Instagram.

Do you ever look at your feed and feel fatigued with your content?

In conclusion

The future is here. With things like content and accessibility, how TikTok has blown up and apps continue to move toward video, it's going to be on brands to stay with the times and be more competitive with content. Agencies are seeing an uptick in brands wanting more assets for social media and the agencies that accommodate are going to build an edge over agencies that aren't as experienced with social media.

If you're looking for a social media refresh, to change up your content, or to add animation to your feed, I can help with video concepts and content creation based on a conversation about your messaging.


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