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Sol Studio Architects

SolStudio Architects is a full-service architecture agency in San Antonio, Texas. To see the full site click here

This project was about updating the website to be mobile-friendly, as well as showcasing new projects completed by the agency. I worked directly with studio owner, Alonzo Alston to not only develop a site that is rich in photographic content but also speaks directly to potential clients about the studio's process. 

For the SolStudio website update, I did a good amount of research looking at competitor websites, industry giants, and inspiration sites. Alonzo and I worked together to find a color palette that was uniquely SolStudio. Also one of my closest friends, Alonzo and I share an immense love of mid-century design. I created graphics to work with parallax effects on his site to create a nod to mcm design that also kept the appearance very modern. Most of all, it was imperative to let the photography of these great projects shine! 

When I hang out with Alonzo and his other architect friends, they always hype me up for the design work I do and I just think it's crazy because they're all designing buildings and huge projects.


SolStudio Architects



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