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Credo Product Launch

Animation of Credo Ranch Dip Product Launch 

Credo approached me about working on a product launch video for their new ranch dip. I love CPG, I got my start in a branding studio that specialized in CPG packaging for health food and wellness, so this project was right up my alley. 

This is a great example of a brand that is a perfect candidate for animation.

  1. It's a CPG Product, animating products in and out of packaging is a great way to showcase your products, give them life, and familiarize your potential customers.

  2. A fully developed brand, it's not just a logo on packaging, there's consistent color use, design assets, and guidelines to work with.

  3. Characters! Credo has a plethora of characters to work with, in particular–they asked for me to focus on the onion with a$$less chaps. 🤣

  4. Multiple channels. Credo wanted to use this animation on social media, possibly on website, and in their Amazon shop, so there's a vertical, square, and horizontal version of the animation.





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