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I'm Tani!

I'm from Texas. Well, I was born in Austin, then my family moved to Washington DC when I was 6, but then we moved back to Texas when I was 14 and we've been here ever since. So, I'm from Texas.

If you can't tell from my website, I'm a little wacky but despite my wackiness, I'm totes profesh. 🤣

I have my bachelors in Graphic Design and after I graduated I worked at SHELF Studio here in Austin with my CD Alison Sauter. At SHELF I learned all about brands from strategy, to pack, to website, to trade show. From there I worked as a Brand Manager turned Chief Marketing Office for an ancillary Cannabis brand where I learned so much more about eComm and began my own social media journey.

I've been working on my own as a freelance designer and animator for about 4 years now and will be starting a new top secret business within the next year.

I currently live with my Husband Robert and my 3 dogs in Round Rock Texas. I post about my day-to-day life in my stories on Instagram if you'd like to learn more about me more often.


Baby GoGo

My values


I appreciate compassionate people, cooperation, dependability, openness, positivity, gratitude, and judgement-free zones


This includes simplification

assertiveness, accountability, and ingenuity

being myself

I am ambitious, proud, creative, determined, impatient, outrageous, and resourceful


I promise I'm not what you expected

I'm Latinx

My pronouns are she/her

Seeking more of the following brands to work with





Fun Brands

What it's Like to Work With Me
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