Hey, I'm Tanya. My family calls me 'Tani'

I am a disciple of SHELF Studio having started my design career there. After leaving SHELF I began working with a global ancillary Cannabis company and moved quickly up the ranks to become a brand manager on an in-house marketing team. In that position, I learned so much about how brand and marketing strategies align, interact, and directly impact product sales. I now work on my own as a freelancer and contracted strategic designer/brand specialist. 

My latest endeavor in design is creating quick gifs and animations for brands' social media and websites. It's a way to work with a brand's existing content to create new, fun, and engaging ways to continue its brand narrative at a lower cost. My brand expertise allows me to identify needs and create branded content with ease.

I like to help small businesses struggling to solve their biggest problems. 

More about me


In the Power of Social Media

 I tend to not look at social media as a brand designer but more as a consumer and I love experimenting with social media because I think it’s the least expensive way to market your brand and have fun with content. In times like now as COVID has changed our way of doing business it’s important to adjust and rethink our strategies. It's how to stay relevant right now. 


Design is for Everyone

Small brands are the hungry folks looking for help because they’re overwhelmed doing all the things. This group is passionate and they really believe in their products and services. There are ways to work on a budget and I don’t believe that I have to sacrifice my level of design because someone has a smaller budget. It’s about working together to find solutions that work for everyone.


Steal from Children

All kids want to do is have fun. Even if they don’t grow up to be artists, kids doodle and they say some crazy sh*t that always makes me laugh. If we let our guard down when we’re with children we can harvest some content gold. So yes, I steal a lot of ideas from children and executing something they inspired makes them off-the-charts happy and to me, that’s what it’s all about.